These boots are made for… searching

PM, Centre-ville

I have decided on the boots. I discussed it with myself, and we jointly decided to spend €75 on a good sturdy pair of Riekers, which I previously tried on in the Rieker shop. However, the shop is lost. Naturally, last week in the rain, I confidently left the place with the air of someone with a sense of direction, but now, it is nowhere to be found. I started by circling the centre-ville at random, pacing oddly angled street after oddly angled street. This having failed spectacularly, I have resorted to spinning around on a street corner and wailing. It’s not working either, but several people have put money in my hat.

On a separate topic -socialising. Or dodging it, as the case may be…. Following yet another Gabriela invite, I asked, out of nothing but politeness, how was the day in Lyon?

She sent me THIRTY THREE photos. I shit you not.

An hour later

So it turns out that there is a whole other side of the town that I completely forgot about. It’s big. And commercial. And the shop was 4.7 seconds from my street corner. But sadly, quite closed, like everything else, apparently at all times in France. It’s lunch time, and they are obviously off eating Nutella and smoking fags, when I want them to be standing here and selling me boots -which are slightly more masculine and biker-ish than I remember, but have you ever met a biker with cold feet, I ask you? No you have not.