The princes of luuurve

I’ve taken the plunge. I grown tired of listening to Karim telling me that I need to go out more, and I need to be less timide, and I need to be doing something if I want to find a man. (He is not accepting my claims of ambiguity as to my motivation in this area). He tells me that it will be easy for me, as I am still ‘en forme‘ (despite my great age), and I just need to get out there. That or sign up for “Les Princes de l’Amour” (“The Princes of Love“), an appalling French reality TV show that he is convinced is a foolproof alternative. So I signed up for Tinder. And Karim was most disapproving. HA!!!

So I’ve made a few matches, and I’ve been French flirting with fellas who don’t speak English. What do I think I’m up to?? I’m going to be rumbled the minute they clap eyes on me and realise I need to put myself through Google Translate to sustain a conversation with them! But it’s not really flirting, truth be told. Because French Tinder is as boring as Irish Tinder, and the conversations are MUNDAAAANE. However, mundane is about all my French personality is able for, so maybe I’m the perfect candidate? Watch this space..