The joys of Get27

Do you know about Get27?? It is à French liquor pronounced approximately ‘jet van set’, which is highly alcoholic. Well needless to say, I did not know Get 27 and was most confused when asked for it in work. I attempted to lie that we didn’t have it (as far as I was concerned we did not) but was quickly caught out when it was pointed out to me on the menu. I thought maybe it could have been something like a Britvic 55, and offered the lady an Orangina instead. Also needless to say, she was less than impressed. So that was my first introduction to Get27, and I was well familiar with it by the time Karim recounted the tale of his grand Get27 binge. A few years ago, apparently he went out for the night with his manager, who suggested they join a group doing all pubs on Grenoble. To say that Karim likes Get27 is somewhat of an understatement, and he decided to have one in each pub. He reckoned he had ingested almost a full bottle by the end of the night, by which time they were in one of the farthest out quarters of the city. At this point his manager gave him the keys of his BMW to prevent him from driving it, and promptly abandoned him. So Karim was a few miles away from home, at about 2am, without a taxi in sight. So he spotted a hotel, and had his friendly credit card with him, and every intention of using it. He was very keen to impress his willingness to pay on me, the reason for which became clear during the remainder of the story. So it turned out the hotel was closed. But Karim being Tunisian, and as of yet unused to the ways of French culture, couldn’t imagine that this could possibly be the case, and so proceeded to jump the barrier, in his much inebriated state. The reception was closed, but he found an open window, through which he slid, to further investigate matters. Finding nobody there, he proceeded to go pushing on doors that might look open, in the hope of finding an empty room -again, with the intention of reimbursing them fully in the morning. However, in the midst of this drunken lunging, he lunged at the wrong door, which turned out to be what I presume was an emergency exit, because the alarm started sounding throughout the whole hotel. Freshly roused hotel guests started emerging blearily from their rooms, the manager arrived, followed swiftly by the police, all finding a young drunk trespassing Tunisian disturbing the peace of their lovely hotel. Karim tried to explain that he had money and just wanted to find a bed for the night, but he took fright in front of the police (and was influenced by quite a significant amount of Get27, I imagine), and forgot all his French. It took him a considerable amount of time to convince them he wasn’t trying to rob the place, but eventually they must have believed him, because they bundled him into the back of the police car and dropped him home! It certainly wasn’t Britvic 55….