Doctor Day

Today is knee injection day, and I am strangely emotional. I’m hoping it’s just hormones, but I suspect myself. I am normally very calm about injections -they don’t bother me in he slightest, and there is no danger of me fainting or having a hissy. However, precisely half way through my breakfast this morning, I suddenly realised that this injection is likely to need to pump fluid right under my kneecap, and I was abruptly and sickeningly reminded of a television show I saw once that showed a monstrosity of a needle being used for just such an occasion. My appetite, which positively never leaves me, ever, immediately departed, and I couldn’t eat my lunch either of the times I tried it. Additionally, I am crying at the drop of a hat. I also realised that there is a chance I may be somewhat physically incapacitated after this assault on my kneecap, and working this evening might be difficult, if even possible. While I was dutifully doing my physio exercises, I started imagining what would happen if I couldn’t walk later on. I knew that I would bravely limp my way to work, but also started imagining how upset I was going to be if I had to ask a colleague to go down the stairs for me, and how tired and incapacitated and vulnerable I was going to be -especially in light of Alice having been the biggest bitch imaginable to me again lately for no good reason. I was imagining myself explaining my predicament, and such sympathy did I have for my imaginary future self, that I realised I was ACTUALLY crying!! Lifting my weights, tears streaming down my face!! So there you have it. I was crying over an imaginary knee related meltdown that never materialised.

But evidently my capacity for crying is not restricted to the sadness response -no no!! At the end of my midday shift today, I was preparing my second attempt at lunch and fighting with the microwave. Who intervenes but my oul flower Alice, and starts being extraordinarily and inexplicably nice to me!!!! Non ma cherie (“ma cherie”!!!!), let me show you how to do it, no not like that, it will burn you, here you go pet. WHAT???????? More tears. Like a mad thing. However, the emotions cleared up fine and handy AFTER the trip back in to Dr. Ledivil. The injection was a bit sore, but as I exclaimed to him in surprise, nothing serious. Yes he said, the unparalleled chancer, that is why I suggested it. YOU DIDN’T SUGGEST IT YOU BRASS NECKED BOLLIX!!! I DID!!! Still, the injection is done, and I skipped down the steps with demonstrably no tears in my eyes.